Monday 24 August 2020

Welcome to Fairsy! Find roadside stalls, honesty boxes and farm shops near by!

Fairsy is all about buying fresh food and drinks in your neighbourhood, straight from the farmers and growers. Buy fair and local products from roadside stalls, honesty stalls, honesty boxes in the UK. Think of eggs, home-grown vegetables and fruit directly from fruit trees from private gardens, fresh flowers, home-made jams and so on. Click on a county for all the farms, gardeners and growers in your area. Discover the products, opening hours and amazing cycling routes along the roadside stalls, honesty stands and farm shops. 


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Add your own roadside stall, honesty box or farm shop!

Would you like to participate in Fairsy and to add your roadside stall, honesty box or farm shop? We would like to add your honesty stall to our website! We have to ask for some details, so we can make a nice presentation of your roadside stall or honesty stand. After a few days your honesty stall, roadside stall or farm stall will be shown on our website!

Email to with the following data:

- Address, postcode, city

- Website (if available) 

- Opening hours (and months/days)

- Brief description of your products

- Your (company) name, email address and phone number (contact details will not be published on the website)

- Clear pictures of your road sidestall / honesty box / local products (from the entire stall/shop as well as a close up from the products)

- Recommended cycling routes nearby

- Social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

- Other info regarding payment (pin/cash)

A standard mention of your stall along the road is free of charge, including a maximum of 3 changes per year!

Fairsy Premium

A premium listing is also possible. For 40 euros per year your roadside stall or farm shop will be placed at the top of the pages. Get noticed! You can also make unlimited changes, and we will show your fresh products on our social media channels.