Are you looking for fresh vegetables, fruit or self-made jam in Somerset? Find the best roadside stalls and honesty boxes in somerset. Buy fresh and local products from growers and farmers near you. There are plenty of roadside stalls with honesty boxes in Somerset. 

Fairsy is an upcoming website that collects local sellers with honesty stalls, roadside stands and farm shops from Somerset. We believe local shopping is fun, better for the environment and the products are tastier. Buy eggs (or bio-eggs), fruits, vegetables, dairy flowers and more from local roadside stalls with honesty boxes or local farm shops.

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Your roadside stall or honesty box here?

Are you selling products at the roadside in Somerset? Do you have a stall with an honesty box with fresh products? Add your stall or stand here for FREE.

With Fairsy we want to make local shopping fun. Therefore, we are collecting local roadside stands and honesty boxes from the countryside in Somerset. At this moment we are looking for stalls and stands to add to this page!

Add your own roadside st
all for free! Send an e-mail to with the following details:

- Address, postcode, city

- Website (if available) 

- Opening hours (and months/days)

- Brief description of your products

- Your (company) name, email address and phone number (contact details will not be published on the website)

- Clear pictures of your roadside stall / honesty box / local products (from the entire stall/shop as well as a close up from the products)

- Recommended cycling routes nearby

- Social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

- Other info regarding payment (pin/cash)

Talk soon!

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